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The 5 important vulnerabilities of security but of wordpress

 1 €“ Poor Hosting or of little reliability

All the servers of lodging Web or hosting are not created in the same way and to choose one by price only can end up costing more in the long term with security problems. The security of the surroundings of shared lodging is safe, but some correctly do not separate the accounts of the users.

This of certainly at the home of creating your webpage you do not take it into account but he is one of the important problems and details but that you must consider in a project for your company or a serious Web that bring clients to you or for the corporative image of your company.

Hosting Web that you choose must be abreast of applying the last patches of security and following other practices of important security of lodging related to the security of servers and archives.
Web of good reputation for its website with a solid registry of security chooses hosting. To find the lodging of WordPress which it can trust is first of the vulnerabilities of security of WordPress that must try to repair.

2- To use out of date Software

When its website of WordPress executes obsolete versions of accessories or groups, WordPress, runs the risk of having vulnerabilities in its site. The updates of software are not only for new characteristics or corrections of errors; they also can include patches of security for well-known errors.

The updates are not only for new characteristics or corrections of errors; they also can include patches of security for exploits known. Although this is the vulnerability of security of WordPress easier to come up, the majority of hacks successful use exploits that is in an obsolete software.

the updates of software can be automated. The automatization of its updates guarantees the security patches to him critics who protect their site of the vulnerabilities of security of WordPress and, as additional benefit, reduces the amount of time that dedicates to maintain its site of WordPress.

3- Login of wordpress

Its home of session of WordPress is the vulnerability of security of WordPress but commonly attacked because it provides the easiest access to the page of admin of his site. The brute force attacks are the method most common to operate your home of session of WordPress.

A brute force attack is an attempt to guess the combinations of name of user and password to obtain access to backend of its website of WordPress. The brute force attacks can be effective because WordPress does not limit the number of attempts of home of session that somebody can realise.

You Can reinforce the security of your home of session of WordPress using different accessories from security of WordPress to limit the number of attempts of home of session. To limit the attempts of home of session is only the first step in the protection of the brute force of WordPress.

To be conscious of the security of the passwords of WordPress also is essential to guarantee the home of session of WordPress, and this is the reason for which an administrator of passwords must use to generate random strong passwords and to store them safely. To force to each user of WordPress in its site to use a safe password will to a great extent diminish the effectiveness of a brute force attack.

In addition, we must add the authentication of two factors of WordPress that is one of the best methods to protect the homes of session of its site.

The authentication of two factors requires that the users use token of authentication in addition to their name of user and password to initiate session in WordPress.

Even if a correct user and password are attacked directly from the e-mail of a user, the attempt of malicious home of session still can be avoided if the user is using the movable application to receive his token of authentication.

The authentication of two factors adds a layer of incredibly solid security to its site of WordPress, and can be added easily using a complement as iThemes Security.

The 5 more important vulnerabilities of a Web in wordpress


4. Exploits of PHP

Code PHP in its site of WordPress also must be included in the list of vulnerabilities of security of WordPress. The operation of code PHP is a common method used by the hackers to obtain access to its site of WordPress. He is crucial that reduces to the risk limiting the operation opportunities.

Desinstale and completely eliminates plugins and unnecessary subjects in its site of WordPress to limit the number of feasible code and joining points in its website.

In addition, it avoids to use plugings left and obsolete of WordPress. If some pluging installed in its site of WordPress has not received an update in six months or more, we recommended to him that it makes sure that has not give inn. Pluging that it does not have recent updates not necessarily means that it has been left. Podria simply to mean that it is thus by defect and only will receive updates to guarantee the compatibility with the last versions of WordPress and PHP.

5. To install software of nonreliable sources

It only installs plugins and subjects of WordPress of reliable sources.  It only must install the software that it obtains from WordPress.org, commercial or known repositorios or of developer directly respectable.

It must avoid the €œNULL VERSION€ of plugings commercial because they can contain malicious code. It does not matter how it blocks his site of WordPress if you are the one that installs malware.

If pluging or the subject of WordPress is not being distributed in the website of the developer, it will have to realise his own investigation before unloading it. Put yourself in touch with the developers to see if they are somehow affiliates with the website that offers its product to a gratuitous price or with discount.


6- Its webpage in wordpress does not have certificate SSL

When somebody visit its site of Web of WordPress or through marketing in social networks that you do or because it has found in google by your product or service you, begins a line of communications between its device and its servant. The communication is not a reporting line and the information transmitted between the visitor and his servant takes to different directions and ways before being given to its final adressee.

In order to understand better how the coding works, it considers how their purchases are given in line. If sometimes it has done the pursuit of a package you will have realized that its order passage by several stages before arriving at its house.

If the salesman did not pack his purchase correctly, it would be easy others to see them what you bought.

When a visitor initiates session in his website of WordPress and enters the payment information, this information not number of predetermined way. Then, as with the purchase nonpacked, there is an opportunity so that the credentials of home of session and the details of the credit card in each stop between the computer of the visitor and its servant are discovered.

Luckily, the encriptada communication is not one of the vulnerabilities of security of WordPress easier to mitigate. Luckily, the encriptada communication is not one of the vulnerabilities of security of WordPress easier to mitigate.

Adding a certificate SSL to his account it is a great form to base and to encapsulate the communication in his site to guarantee that the adressees only can see the confidential information that he shares. Its supplier of lodging Web can provide a service to add a certificate SSL to its site of WordPress or you can add certificate SSL by its account.

If you decide to go by route €œDIY€, it would recommend to use Hosting Professional who makes that it is very easy to add a certificate Let's Encrypt to his site, as well as form it to renew his certificate SSL automatically.

Summarizing the list of verification of security of the Web in WordPress

The majority of the vulnerabilities of security of WordPress can be mitigated by means of a proactive approach of the security of WordPress. In order to summarize, there is a simple list of verification of security of WordPress here to follow:

1. Quality lodging chooses.
2. It assures his home session of WordPress with a safe password and authentication of two factors.
3. It maintains updated his accessories, subjects and the software of WordPress.
4. It eliminates plugins and used and not left subjects.
5. It only uses reliable software vendors.
6. It adds SSL to his website.