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As Optimizing your Card of Google My Business

To optimize the card of google of your business is vitally important. Often the owners of businesses do not know or they do not give the importance that he requires to optimize the card of google of your business.

One is to dominate the finders to be in the first places when the consultations related to our business or activity become. But if these have a tangible and immediate intention.

Google in terms of local searches, will classify its business according to the relevance, the distance and the protagonism that your business in the web search engines presents. In this sense to have a profile or clocks on and off of google optimized serious serious vital at the time of obtaining those classifications in the best places of the local searches.

According to we see on a daily basis in our work of marketing consultants and community manager in , It cards of google my Business sufficiently is not well optimized. A great tendency within the owners of local businesses exists to create a card, to form it and soon to forget them.

Nevertheless, there are many reasons to make sure to have the card of google totally optimized and that is updated regularly.

Because my is important To optimize your Card of google business

First of all, the profiles of Google My Business continue being the most influential factor in the local results search and google continues being the finder but used by the internauts of Spain and the world.

As if that was not sufficient, it has never been more important to reinforce its presence in the SERP. The consultants SEO and community managers face the problems of the €œWalled Garden more and more€, where the users no longer need to click in the websites.

In the majority of the cases, all the information that could need is available in the diverse functions of the SERPS. Although this situation can perhaps affect to the traffic of your website.

It does not mean that the importance cannot be taken advantage of and be corroborated of having a profile of GMB totally optimized. A Profile of GMB that occupies an outstanding place and generates business and traffic to the store of furniture, slaughter, concessionaire, or any local business that is the case.

With a card of first level in google my business, can obtain a high score in the local packages, which increased the visibility significantly, and therefore, the reach of your local business.

The good optimization of the card of google helped to reinforce its appearance in the results of Google Maps. also one derives here that it is possible to be taken advantage of and to be made strategies with the reviews of google maps.

And because not thus to say it, another forceful reason good to be useful is that this service of google my business is a gratuitous service. There are not many as powerful tools of marketing as his card of Google My Business that therefore is it. Of nonready serious not taking advantage of it

Basic configuration and concepts on Google my business

Before entering depth, it is worth the pain to indicate the basic concepts. Some of these can seem obvious, but you would not think how many times we see the same simple errors time and time again.

To demand and to verify our company in google

The first step is to find out and to check if either your local business or has a profile in GMB. This is important because usually there are many duplicated cards and can take to much confusion.

If he does not remember to have created one, a client with €œgood intentions€ could it have created by you, or a roguish colleague of the competition.

Simply he makes a fast search in Google and google maps of his company. He sees if it appears a profile for his company.

If it is thus, she as its business will have to protest. If no, you will have to create one new one.

Once fact this, you will have to verify his property: Google will send a postcard to you to its commercial direction with a code. Soon the code will have to enter to verify it. He is everything very simple, at the moment many often this verification is even made snapshot by means of a mobile phone.

It completes the information of his local business

Once verified, you do not pause there. It is very important that you complete all the excellent information and assures to you that is precise and is updated.

It does not have nothing else frustrating and unprofessional that a card of GMB with the mistaken schedules of opening. In addition, it remembers to add special schedules or holidays.

Make sure to maintain the name of the company as name of the company. It does not adhere to any deceptive keyword or it will run the risk of infringing the directives of Google.

A precise description writes and attractive of your local business in agreement with you rule of Google. Elije an excellent category that better represents the characteristics of your business.

This can be a point of contradiction for many companies that see that no of the categories describes its business accurately. Often it can get to be very frustrating.

Luckily, relatively new call is a function €˜Services€™. In Her products and services of their business can be added. what will help as much with the categorisation process from the web search engine as from the point of view of the user.

Make sure to pay attention to the NAP coherence (abbreviations in groins). In other words, its name, direction and phone number, as well as any other information, is consisting of all the Web.

It also consults other directories and his own website. It is a simple concept, but the errors are surprising common and can mark a great difference in the local ranking.

Photos of your business, service or local product

Another aspect that often are ignored in the GMB card and one that can mark a very remarkable difference in the percentage of click. The people we are visual beings, that is to say some elegant photos will help to construct general a positive image of their business.

It includes the logo of your company, a photo of the facilities, if it corresponds, and any other photography that you believe that it will help to promote your company effectively.

Make sure that they are professional, attractive and updated. It thinks about which could help to impel to a client to a purchase decision.

Make sure to follow the best practices of Google in terms of format; the recommended specifications are the following:

Format: JPG or png

Size: between 10 KB and 5 Megabyte
Minimum resolution: 720 px of stop, 720 px of width
Quality: the photo must be focused and well illuminated, and it must not have significant alterations nor excessive use of filters. In other words, the image must represent the reality.
It will see throughout his card that Google makes sure to remember to him. €œThe companies with recent photos receive more click in their websites generally€. If Google says it, it does the following thing: Do it.

As of January of 2018, videos in your card of GMB can be added. He is something that many companies are not useful, nevertheless, all we know how popular is the video content. All the videos that you add will appear in the section of photos. Only make sure to follow you rule of video of Google.


The reviews of how influential Google have existed for a long time and it is not any secret are. In fact, the positive evaluations cause that 68% of the consumers trust more a local business.

One does not feel to hope and it sees as the critics arrive. Even if she has the most spectacular business, people always need a small empujoncito towards the section reviews. You must Animate the revisions actively because if you do not ask, you do not receive.

To rake those positive critics is not sufficient. Also it is a good practice to respond to the reviews, especially to the refusals. Even if a review seems unfounded or too crude, it maintains the calm and it responds of a calm and professional way.

Publications of Google my business

A very underused characteristic of the profiles of Google My Business is the section Publications of Google. This section works similarly to the publication in the social networks.

The publications are as mini updates in a merry-go-round in their panel, these expire after seven days.

As with a standard publication in the social networks, it is possible to be added photos, text and a connection to a website. It is always a good idea to include an image, but it is careful of which they stand out in Google Maps. Therefore, it is worth the pain to verify how the image in the writing-desk as in the mobile is formatted as much.

The publications of Google for a variety of different functions Can be used. It can be useful to use the four official publication types as guide: New features, Events, Supplies, Products.

The publication type €œNew features€ could include himself with exciting announcements, general updates and their last articles. You do not forget to add a call to the action to your publications to encourage to the participation and the conversions.

The publications of Google leave well outstanding in Google, so if it has something important that to say, Publish it!

To monitor your profile

It knew that any person can suggest an edition for her profile. That includes your worse enemy trying to sabotage your business. Therefore, he is essential that controls your profile and controls the suggested changes, even if you do not have enemies.

It could be a well-meaning client who simply does not have nor idea. Or it could be troll of Internet. Anyway, the owners of businesses not always are notified.

The users can also respond to questions on your business, which can give fear to some owners of business.

To Google it likes the content generated by the users. Everything is part of the construction of a community centered in the user. Only assure to you to be alert.


Conversions and pursuit

This is one of the most important sections of your card of google my business. You begin to perceive how optimized this your profile when you see how many conversions to your business are generating your GMB.

Usually it is realised a pursuit of all the events and the conversions in a website in himself. But the conversions generated by the GMB card are ignored frequently and the necessary importance does not occur him.

Nevertheless, its card of GMB usually is the first intermediate port for the clients who look for a phone number to put themselves in touch.

And you know the best thing of Insights? You even can find out if the clients found your business by means of a direct search name brand or by means of a search of €˜some service referring to the one of its company€™.

This information is vital in terms of information. It allows to see you what so successful has been its work of SEO in GMB to take it to the top of the local package for the terms key search.

In insights of GMB you can know if your profile of GMB saw in Search or Maps. Also by means of which action of the clients, as visits to websites, telephone requests of direction and calls. Also it can see what so successful has been their photos in comparison with other companies as hers. These graphs of comparison are excellent to spy on their competitors.

Also it allows him to realise some tests with what photos work better stops views and click. The section of Insights is a information treasure, so pay much attention to him.

To optimize its list of Google My Business is not searched carefully science nor something supernatural. He is very simple and the simple changes can have a deeply positive effect in the positioning Web of their local business.

Since it is an area that often happens unnoticed for other companies. In fact there is a great amount of opportunities of ranking in game.

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