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Why is important an up-to-date strategy of multi-channel digital marketing?

You knew that years ago back the consuming average used two meeting points when it bought an article, whereas the consumers nowadays happen through an average of almost six meeting points?

To that we called meeting points?

We call meeting points to the channels in which the potential clients look for information before realising a purchase of a product or service.

This means that to arrive at new clients he has become complex much more. With the new platforms and still emergent channels, the consumers have options more and more and are demanding a greater attention on the part of the brands that try to arrive at them.

The concept of multi-channel digital marketing has gained popularity between the digital advertisers in the last years, since the brands and the agencies have realized of which the precise campaigns directed to potential clients in a single channel simultaneously no longer give the result which before they gave.

In this article, we will examine tools of multi-channel digital marketing updated and effective strategies; but before doing it, we clarify what really means multi-channel marketing.

What is multi-channel digital marketing?



Whereas, as professionals of the digital marketing, we tried to predict better how and where our clients can interact with us, to give an option them, an opinion on the matter, it generates majors conversions. This requires to generate an ample national geodetic control network of contact orchestrated and to repeat its message name brand through several channels, but in last instance, it improves its opportunity to increase brings back to consciousness of the client and to leave the message is flooded so that really it has an effect.

We see the different channels that offer a multitude of meeting points and offer to their clients the option to select their favourite channel.

Positioning organic Web SEO

To be in the first positions of google and other finders is a strategy that continues being fundamental in all action of multi-channel marketing, Is often in the finder of google and other finders where the clients express their true intentions of purchase through the words that use search a product as ours. The Web positioned in the first positions 85 of the traffic of their competition take almost for that reason to develop to a content strategy considering the previous investigation of its potential clients will start its business in the eyes of its potential clients and it will give advantage you on the other businesses of the competition.

Although often one does not consider but we think that he is vital in our strategy is by all means that our website this optimized for movable devices and that shelp optimize also considers the technical aspects interns of the Web or what onpage is told him to the SEO, at the moment google this considering very these aspects to the hour to position a Web in a place or another one of its results.

Social networks or social Average

The advantage of those of marketing in social networks is that it is possible to be used as introductory channel (initial interest) and redireccionamiento, which takes to a new client advanced more in the funnel of sales.

Investigating traverse of the content

Facebook is a fantastic method to arrive at those potential clients whom your business has.  It is important firstly to know what can interest your objective client to him and soon to adapt the content to its desires and preferences. Either to spread the content or to draw attention of the people through Facebook live or other announcements multimedia,

This does not mean that its product in the article or video must publicize directly, but rather to cover subjects that can interest the potential clients and finally to lead to their product page. As first approach to the potential clients the objective is to create that first meeting point that will allow him to begin to interact with them through other channels, especially the e-mail and remarketing.

Generating potential clients

Another useful tool of Facebook is useful in this stage of the funnel of sales, especially if it directs a business of electronic commerce: Dynamic Product Ads is called. These announcements €œautomatically promote products to people who have expressed interest in their website, its application or another place in Internet€, according to Facebook.

It even can load his product catalogue to Facebook and after forming the campaign, the social network will be in charge of the rest (as matching people with the correct product).


The Email marketing has not died is a very powerful tool in the development of the multi-channel strategy, Although the social networks are very effective as introductory channels and of reorientation, the e-mails are more effective when they orient the potential clients.

Most probable it is than for when somebody it has provided his email address, it has an idea than it is interested and looking for, thanks to his campaign of €œinvestigation through content€ we have spoken in the previous lines. Therefore, to design effective e-mails that approach their possible weakness would have now to be a little easier.

So that by email electronic marketing is successful is crucial to make sure that its content is aligned with the general message of its campaign.


The campaigns of adwords are a powerful tool in the multi-channel strategy. It can create campaigns of AdWords so that they work in the different parts from his strategy of sales. In first instance, it can create modified campaigns of ample agreement that concentrate in identifying exactly what key words look for the people in their space.

As part of his exploratory campaigns, also it can look for lateral key words of interest that can help it to understand exactly what its hearing is looking for.

In an advanced state but of the strategy it has people interested in products or services that offer so that it better offers the oriented announcements them. The traditional campaigns of AdWords lie down to belong to this stage of the conversion funnel. In the part of sale closing, it can use remarketing or retargeting of AdWords to continue creating additional meeting points after the consumers have visited their site.

The specialists in intelligent digital marketing use the extensions of announcements of AdWords to just include interactive information and in which click can be done, upon the announcement, as coupons, phone numbers and extensions of text messages. To make these tools of marketing available within the announcement can significantly reduce the amount of passages in its funnel of sales.

When doing click in the coupon, for example, the clients could be attemped to walk directly to a physical place to gather the product in which they obtain a discount. When doing click in the phone number or the extension of text, on the other hand, could directly connect them to the service to the client, who can as well respond any remaining question and, therefore, to increase the intention of purchase.


SMS/text messages

Speaking of text messages: to redirigir to the potential clients is not restricted to the e-mails and Google AdWords. The text messages (SMS) are another form, and more and more popular, to guide the consumers towards your funnel of sales.

We say that its announcement of Facebook or Twitter asked to them the new potential clients who registered themselves in their weekly bulletin or they were subscribed to the weekly supplies of his Web. The majority of the social networks now requires phone numbers movable when the users register themselves for the first time. This information will be available for you also if you are forming announcements through these social networks.

Now it has the opportunity to send his text message and to interact with them in a channel that not this very operated by the companies of marketing in . Also it provides intimate surroundings much more, that could help to generate confidence.

It can easily form campaigns of text messages with diverse tools available in the market. The text messages are opened until in a 99% between the users of movable devices. The key is to allow that potential the potential clients voluntarily choose instead of to be contacted by text of the anything and to invade their privacy in some excessive and illegal way. In addition, a good following step could be to ask for permission to form a telephone call to continue the conversation.

The text messages can also be useful when reminders for live events or seminaries are sent Web, in which some of their new clients could have registered, but are on the verge of losing themselves because they forgot to put them in his calendars.


The same option would be had using marketing x whatsapp, which firstly must have the user consent not to fall in problems of inadequate use of data.

Joining the strategies

As it can see, no of the enumerated tools of marketing previously is particularly effective in this day and age if it maintains them isolate. Google AdWords can generate conversions on watch to the client; the social networks can take to the inclusion of e-mails and text messages; the e-mail, as well, can be reinforced with text messages, which could lead to the service the client.

It is why he is essential to count on a consistent message name brand, as well as with a constant quality of content, service and experience of the client in all the channels. The future clients must have a sensation of familiarity in each passage of the sale process if she is desired to construct a relation of confidence with them.

The coordination and the interrelation of these communication channels it seems a tedious, discouraging and very expensive task; but the good news is that even with a low budget, it can implement these strategies of multi-channel marketing in . Our strategy of reasonable marketing in will put to him in front of its potential clients to economic and reasonable prices to all the companies.

One completes question: all action of digital marketing is in vain if you do not measure and you analyze the data nails. This includes the characteristics of the profile of the client (as the demography and the psicograf­a) and the behavior of the client to optimize its objective public and to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In addition to these data, to realise a pursuit of the rates of conversion between the different platforms will help it to measure the success and to create a more and more effective strategy of multi-channel digital marketing to economic costs but.

Of all the previous sight it is important to draw a conclusion very that it determined the use of one or the other channel, is necessary to determine in what of the previous channels it is where there is but amount of your potential clients and in what of them you receive but interaction.

Often you do not need to be in all the channels to develop a correct strategy, is called on again to measure, to measure, to measure in this video we put an example as a conclusion.