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Facebook Would penalize the Webs that have loss Speed of load in the mobile

Facebook will penalize the pages slow Webs of load in mobiles


Facebook will penalize the slow Webs of load in mobiles. By all it is known that the world is every movable day but in which to social Internet and networks talks about. Every day the subject of the speed of load of the Webs in the movable devices, and Facebook in its obsession acquires more importance to obtain one better experience to the users of its App, this taking passages in that sense.

Few things it has bother more to the people than they sail in Internet that the slowness of the unloadings of pages Webs, apps, articles of blog, etc.  In the era of the rapidity, the improvement of the experience of usuary happens to offer to the internauts an agile one and immediate connection and of this depends much the speed on load of the pages Webs.

Google for already time has implemented improvements in that sense penalizing the Webs that do not adapt to st¡ndares to have a speed of suitable load. In that sense its accelerator AMP has implemented that makes possible an efficient and fast load but.

In addition in the factors that influence in positioning the Web SEO in their finder the speed to load is one of the factors that consider at the time of above showing a Web in the results of searches very

Facebook Announces that It will penalize the slow Webs of speed of load


Facebook on the other hand already begins to follow the passages of Google and has announced that also will penalize those pages that are too slow in the movable surroundings.

This will carry out it giving priority to the pages whose speed of load is but FAST penalizing therefore the Webs that have loss speed. €œIf everything indicates that the page will unload fast, the connection to the Web will appear in a higher position in feed of your facebook€, assures the platform in its blog.

This is important to consider if you are going to campaign of publicity in facebook and put a connection of your Web. If the Web load of fast form the user will be able to see it of faster form, comfortable and effective.

In order to offer to the user a navigation without interruptions and of the best quality, Facebook raises that it will consider several factors as the type of device, the rapidity of the moving grid and the WiFi connection.

€œFor example, if you have a slow connection that does not allow to unload videos, feed of the news would show to less videos and more updates to you of states and connects.

When one is to help the rapidity of unloading of histories in poor connections, they will store to histories unloading the movable content before somebody makes click in a link. It has been verified that, can reduce the time of unloading of the pages in more of a 25%€, they explain.

This movement responds to the demands of the users and to desire to improve a at the moment frustrating experience and that causes to the abandonment of the navigation of 40% of the users after 3 seconds of delay of the unloading.

The update, assures the company, will be sent gradually throughout the next months.

Factors that influence in the speed of load which you can improve

1- Web Hosting: He is one of the most important factors or if most important not to have a speed of the speed of load. Often one does not consider but on the quality and the speed of answer of the servant who contracts himself it depends much the speed of load of our Web. If you have a project Web and you have problems with your servant we can advise in looking for efficient solutions to you for project.

2- Structure of Code: A structured good code will make possible a suitable and fast reading of the Web on the part of the navigators which causes that our Web can load of efficient and fast form but.

3 - Plugings: The installation of plugins adapted vitally important sera to reach a speed of efficient load because the excess of the same can recharge our code with Archives Css and Java Script and that influences considerably at the time of showing our Web of fast form.

4- Optimization of the images: He is vitally important at the time of raising images our website that are you optimize and that are but light the possible thing without losing the quality. It is an aspect that usually fails many owners of businesses since usually they rise the Web images so what becomes and this makes that our Web weighs but, also clear the images that we are not showing nor using in our Web.

5- Design Web adapted to the mobile: It sounds obvious but at the moment there are hundreds of pages Webs that its design is not adapted to movable devices, this factor in addition that brings about an ominous experience for the user causes that the devices load with less facility the Web.

6 - Speed of Connection: Little we can make if the user who finds or arrives at our website owns a speed of poor connection. It is by that to improve the previous factors they are very important so that our website has a speed of optimal load, at least better that the one of our competition.

Consequences for the positioning Web of a speed of load of the slow Web

We say that it has many and very important, if you want to make positioning Web in . First of all it is the loss of traffic, therefore, of users, possible sales and clients for your company.

You can have a very beautiful Web with an intuitive design very accessible Web and for the user. If this is extremely slow and delays in loading, surely the user will finish leaving and the worse thing than looks for information in the Web of your competition.

On the other hand, if the speed of load of a Web is slow, it is reason for penalty for Google. In order to know if your Web load of fast form, you can enter this Web of google and realise a test velocodad of the Web at issue. Testcon Gtmetrix and yslow exist other forms to realise the Page Speed.

Since we have spoken before Facebook will penalize the slow Webs of load in mobiles. This will bring with himself that your social campaigns on Facebook and other networks are affected reason why your brand will fall in lost of notoriety and visualizations on the part of your objective public.