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It positions your business in Google Maps or as competing with Amazon

 Basic steps to position your business in Google Maps

To position your business in Google Maps is more than ever an action, very important to realise for any local business. This Repels of very positive form in your positioning Web Seo Local.

Many owners of local businesses sometimes comment to us that the best thing is the mouth mouth and is still certain. But we go away to the present statistics of the number of searches of local businesses from mobiles, we realize important that it is to position our business in Google Maps or what is the same, in Google my Business, also Google call my business.

Google leaves an important place of the results search destined to the results of local businesses. Doing it of optimized form would result in a competitive advantage, at the same time as it improves your local positioning. At the moment, Google shows three businesses in the section that destines to the local search.

But the certain thing is that many local businesses do not appear in Google Maps looking for by the type on watch that they render. Often they do not even appear by the name its business either. Other times already it appears the business because Google is it including but it is called on to demand it, that is to say to take the control from the information.

As positioning my business in Google Maps

There is a form very simple to position your business in Google Maps.

My Business is creating a card of your business in Google (google my business) and in addition is FREE.

But what is Google my Business? it looks at this brief video.

In this post you will learn the steps that you need to realise to include your business in Google Maps. Everything from the point of view of an owner of business, and to will thus be but easy to understand it you.

Juan is the owner of a concessionaire of cars of occasion in , Navarre. It needs that its business appears in the local searches of Google, Google Plus and Google Maps. That is to say, my Business needs to create a card in Google.

Steps to include your business in Google my business or Google my Business

 1 €“ Cear an account in Gmail

As necessary step for all the services of Google, it is necessary to create or to have an account of Gmail. Tip that I leave you is that in this case the ideal would be to have an account different from that you put in your mobile for the services of Android. For example it could be the tunegociolocal name @gmail.com.

As I told you well before, for all the services of Google you will need a Gmail account. Reason why if it is with the name of your local busines, it will serve you for all the other services. Google analytics, Search Console, Docs, to calendar, drive, etc.

You create your account and you follow ahead.

 2 - my Business Looks for the URL of Google

You go to the finder of Google and key Google my Business and it will leave the following screen to you:

 3- It appears in Google Maps, GooglePlus and in its finder.

Immediately afterwards it will appear to you a screen with a blue icon that writes APPEARS IN GOOGLE. In that screen it clarifies to you that your business from now on will leave listing in Google Maps, Google Plus, and in the searches of Google Search.  Him kitchen mhelps and a box as the following one will unfold:

As you already know Google is updated continuously. Previously it could be that he appeared to you another type of screen, but at the moment this is the one that appears.


In that box you must write the name of your company. Ten in account that can happen that your company already this listing in Google. in that case you must puncture where it says to administer my company and to follow the steps:

Why it can pass this?

1- Google automatically adds businesses according to information of other directories. Ex Yelp, yellow pages.

2- It could be that your business had a previous owner and this had registered to him.

3- Also that you yourself or some person added your business to Google Maps. In this case she will be called on to demand your business. Min looks at this explanatory video as of minute 2,20



You must consider at the time of putting the name of your local busines that are important to put the locality where you live or the outside possible district if.

In this step you must have special attention in the type of Category of your business.  He is one of the vitally important factors at the time of the Seo Local positioning. Once verified your business you can add more categories.

 4- To verify the information and direction

Following the steps, it will leave a new view to you so that you verify your information. Next another screen so that you put the direction of your company. There a letter with a code will arrive to you from verification that authenticates that your you are the owner of the business at issue.


Stuffed your name of contact and him DAS to send.


You must be kind to your mailbox of ordinary mail. In approximately 7 - 10 days an envelope must arrive you from Google with the code to verify your business.

5- To verify company

Once received the letter with the code of Google, it will be called on to us to verify that we are the owners or who we have authority to publish and to put information on our local business.

Once verified the business, it is possible to be published the information and to be added new categories that they have to do with the activity of our business. You can add your Web and add text to our description with suitable keywords to our business that help to our positioning Web Seo Local, among others factors.

If you use Twitter as strategy of positioning and traffic Web you can see this article

Once finished this step, in a few days your company will leave listed in the results of the searches of Google by its name.

Google maps against Amazon

The certain thing is that more important that to leave listing by your name, is that they find you when they look for by the service or the services that quick since those that know you already will go directly.

If you have a local business and you need help how positioning your business in the first positions of Google in , Navarre or in any other place you can contact with Navarre Marketing, we will help you. Also you can consult the directives to improve your ranking in Google Maps.

Also it remembers that in the process to improve your positioning in Google Maps and your Seo Local positioning you must have a design Web optimized for mobiles or Web responsive. Once they find in the local results the possible clients, must have a positive experience of agreed navigation to the present demands.

Reasonable forms and alternatives exist to create attractive designs Web and that fulfill the present standards.

You will ask yourself that relation has all this with the competition to Amazon. The truth that has much to do. It holds a minute to think what you yourself beams when you look for a product or service and the results that the finder provides. The local results have a fundamental value and in that it is the advantage of the local businesses.

If the owners of local businesses update and execute the actions to their reach, or allow that specialized companies and professionals help them in this process, the battle will not be so unequal. Between all him I could be made in front of the Amazon giant putting in value his virtues and acting with his strengths.

Attention to the client, specialization, Location, loyalty, the fast adaptation and implementation of changes are key very important of differentiation with the great commerces, is here where the local commerce can gain part of the battle.