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The 4 better functions of the announcements to make publicity on Facebook

Characteristics of the publicity on Facebook that will let grow your business exponentially


The publicity on Facebook is one of the best forms than we have for presents our products or services and to generate traffic towards our website.

But truly few owners of businesses are conscious that investing in phelp announcements it is a genuine and very beneficial source to generate visits to our website.

In this article we will give several characteristics you that explain to you why the publicity on Facebook is a tool fundamental to attract clients. Thus increasing to your sales and income.

But how it is that Facebook can arrive from so precise form at the suitable person? Example, as is possible to arrive at the people of , Navarre, that they like your business.

It only remembers when you registered yourself on Facebook and you filled up your data. Day of birth, place, school, films, likings, sport that you only practice€¦ by mentioning some data. Ah! not to say if or these to you married or no, what it seems to you.


4 characteristics of the publicity on Facebook that will let grow the sales in your business

As surely you know Facebook is the social network with more active users of the world. Reason why it is the ideal place to arrive at those people who do not know your business. The publicity on Facebook facilitates that they can become clients if you form the suitable message and it samples to the suitable people.

In the same way it will allow to make him arrive at your objective user an attractive supply. Also it will reach to a high volume of people in relatively just a short time.

It continues reading and you will discover why the announcements of Facebook can help you to be more successful in your business


Due to the high capacity that has Facebook to know the tastes, I interest, region, working environment, geographic situation, etc, the publicity on Facebook allows you to arrive at the people who really interest to you that they see your announcement.

This characteristic will allow to locate the suitable people you to make them arrive your message. Making an optimal use of your budget choosing different types from public according to its interests. Example, to arrive at the people of , Navarre, that they like your product or service.


Types of segmentation who allow the publicity in   Facebook

  • Geographic Type of country, region, city, town (, Navarre, Spain)
  • Demographic €“ Sex
  • Interests You can show your announcement according to the activities that they like to make the public which you choose, for example, go of purchases by .
  • By devices €“ it is possible to be determined if they see your announcement from your computer or a mobile
  • Similar public €“ You can form your announcement on the basis of public similar to those of your page.
  • Customized public clients whom or announcements have seen or have realised action in them
  • Behavior €“ (Very important)

Others also, are by policy, religion, work, etc.

If you want to deepen in all the options of segmentation you can go to the directives of Facebook on as segmenting announcements of Facebook.

In summary, Facebook ads allows you to arrive at woman from 36 years that lives in , Navarre that likes him gastronomy, that its mobile is IPhone, that it likes the sport, the free air and that has married recently. To put an example.

2-Pixel de Facebook

That it is the pixel of Facebook?

The pixel of Facebook is a code generated in your page of Facebook. It will allow you to make a pursuit of the behavior of the people in your website after seeing the announcements of Facebook created previously in your page.

In addition you can see since device has conducted these battles. Examples

  • People who bought a product
  • People whom they punctured in the cart and did not finish the purchase.
  • Users who filled in a form.
  • Users who unloaded a Ebook.

Thanks to this functionality she will allow us to make a pursuit more precise of our conversions and by all means to fit our budget and to dedicate it to the actions that in truth interest to us.

Another very important advantage of the Pixel of Facebook is that it allows you to optimize the announcements for that public who already has made action as to buy in your website, that is to say people with greater probability of purchase.

3 Controlled and flexible investment

In order to begin to make an announcement of Facebook ads you must not why have a high budget far from it.

You can begin with little budget and in addition you can control the time of circulation of your announcement being able to stop it whenever you consider it thus advisable you are controlling your money and if it goes being effective or no.

Also you can choose if you want to pay bids up it of a cost by click (CPC) in your announcement or by a cost by thousand impressions (CPM).

Another functionality is that you can choose where your announcement will be seen, that is to say if in movable devices or Pc's and these, in which it leaves from the screen will leave the same, if in the section of the news or the right lateral bar.


4- Visibility       


Image of facebook


A fundamental feature of Facebook ads is its visual capacity and in this Facebook long ago emphasis and is
treaty of excellent form in its algorithm.

A content with an attractive image has many more possibilities than it shares, generating more interaction between the people. While more excellent it is your announcement for your hearing, better qualification will have and better it will be tried by Facebook at the time of showing them.

An aspect which we cannot be forgotten, to be very tie to the strategy of announcements of facebook in mobiles, is that your webpage must have a design Web optimized for mobiles or responsive design. Otherwise the visits and conversions by means of mobiles will be affected.

Also possible our announcement is once published, to stop the publication. Being able to modify the parameters based on the results obtained until that moment. This will allow to increase the effectiveness us of the same.

Up to here we have seen several functionalities of Facebook ads that does it an essential option for your strategy of marketing in Internet.

You will be able to give an important jump increasing the traffic of your Web. Securing to an increase of your sales and business.

In this connection you will be able to see several examples of announcements that work and his characteristics.