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Advice SEO to make marketing with twitter and improving your traffic Web

10 Advice SEO to make marketing with Twitter


If your objective with your account of twitter is to do SEO you must consider several factors but the fundamental one is to be very active that is to say, you must publish every day and if it is possible to you to different hours from the day since your followers not always will be connected.

In marketing as in the life the persistence is of the main causes of success and the SEO in also twitter.

1. Brand 

The name of its brand or name of user would have to show to the name of its Web or the services that offers, since this is what it will be mentioned and will show your followers, in the messages and re-tuits.

2. Profile/Saw

It places the connection of your website in your profile. The biography is the part that serves to inform to the world into that you are.

Often this connection you must direct it to some page that interests to you to promote and not necessarily it must be the main page of your Web.

Perhaps it can be the page of a product in supply, etc

3. I connect SEO

Google shows ours tuits in the finders and often they occupy excellent places in the results search. If you put your connections in tuits you will be helping in the creation of connections and will be harnessing the value of your Web in the same, you could as well put keywords next to them.

It writes his connections several times and accompanies them with keywords.

4. #### the Hashtag

The HashTags is a function of Twitter that works as a put-information for tuits. These are commentaries that take €œ#€ example #seo, #seonavarra, #seoposicionamiento. Hashtag helps to organize tweets and to determine the information in the tendencies of Twitter.Utiliza hashtag related to your niche uses tools as well to monitor hashtag.

6. It cooperates with your resemblances

Retuitea to other users who offer excellent content in your niche of market, this will help to construct your brand you and to promote the services that you offer.

If retuiteas to other users of your sector you will be offering valuable information to your followers and simultaneously you will be giving information of others, yours is not the unique thing who is worth.

You are not Self-centred.

5. Mentions in Twitter

When mentioning to other users of Tuitter you will have to put in the waiting room at sign symbol €œ@€ before his @comerlatinos name of usuary example, @alexkei @cubanuncios1 is almost as retuit.

Therefore, every time you do retweet or mentions assure to you to put this symbol.

6. Publication interval of Tweets

Before we shelp that you published frequently but tweets at all costs avoids to write too many in just a short time since this certainly got upset your followers and could do a UNFOLLOW to you.

7. To promote your blog

To promote your blog is an excellent strategy SEO to catch visits to your Web.

In your blog you can give but information of your products to make video demonstrations write articles of tutorials that helped the readers to interact with your contents, also to obtain that they are shared in other social networks.

Also It includes calls to the action.

8. Button of Twitter

It places the button of twitter in your website this will cause that it is but easy to share your content.

9. To obtain followers of Twitter free

It follows the excellent people of your niche of market and perhaps also to his followers, it interacts with them.

10. It determines your objective with Marketing

It determines an objective for your presence in Twitter. Perhaps you want to concentrate in the support to the client or perhaps only your objective is to give information of your products perhaps and services, only you want to interact with gurºs of your industry.

Once you have the defined objective you sera easy to measure your success and the profit of the same.

Also To have its account of twitter optimized and to publish intelligently not only would help him in its SEO but also it would help to construct your brand you and to increase the traffic of your Web.