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10 Formas to use the Videomarketing in your Business

10 Formas to use marketing with videos in your company

1) Presentations

One of the best forms to do one presentaci²n of company is by means of a video presentation of introduction that is exciting this is a great opportunity to catch the attention and to influence in the spectator.

2) Product videos

Which is does your product or service star?  Show it with an attractive VIDEO, this is much more effective that
static images and extensive super texts.

3) Demonstrations of products or service

It surpasses the expectations of your clients and exactly explains to them how to buy or
how your product works. explain to him in a video €œHello this it is the Product that you want to buy€ and works of the following form.

4) Email with Videos

Studies of different companies from statistics have demonstrated that to include videos in the email marketing it increases the number of clicks (CTR) until in a 300%. He is advisable to create videos that animate or that make a call to the action. Example: It looks at this Video, Registers to you, Visit our site.

5) Signature of the e-mail

A very effective practice serious the one to add to a video of presentation or another type of video in the signature of your e-mail therefore you make sure that whenever you send a mail receives an answer with a video.

6) Promotional videos

If you think to create a new promotion, using the video how link is easy to arrive with a message and to spread your promotion quickly. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I soon came and redirige to the visitor to your website.

7) It answers your client

If in you see create questions and answers you respond to the questions but frequent by means of a video you would help to understand him of clear form but as acting before these doubts.

8) Commercial announcements

It shows to the benefi­cios and the characteristics of your product or service with a short and effective video

9) Corporative values

It surprises the candidates of selection with a company video in which it shows the corporative values, objectives as well as their social commitment. Soon you do a call to the action so that it fills in the form.

10) Webpages and landing pages (landing pages)

% of retention of a user of the websites with a video in the cover are much greater reason why the possibility that is increased it becomes a new client.

The video marketing is an essential format in your strategy of marketing, is the format that better sells, With a video you generate more confidence and credibility than with a text, By means of the video marketing your your a your with but the great ones and with but estimated company can compete of, and advance them.

Next sides a video that shows to you because it is so important to make video nowadays marketing.

source: http://targetvideo.es