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It arrives at the people to which they like your business through service of community manager in

Facebook and instagram own an inexhaustible base of clients segmented by interests. You are losing a great opportunity of business if you are not taking advantage of the potential of Facebook marketing and instagram.

Through service of Community manager, we helped to construct and to fortify the presence you of your business on Facebook and instagram and to arrive at your potential clients. 

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  • How we are in the Service of Community manager in ?
  • Strategies to gain likes of high quality.
  • Publication optimization and monitoring.
  • We increase the visibility of your page.
  • Correct election of images.
  • We create confidence and relation with your ideal client
  • Creation of contents per hour, newspapers, weekly€¦
  • Creation and monitoring of commercial spots through ads-manager and power publishing
  • Creation and optimization of Videos for the platform of facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Interaction with other similar profiles in Instagram. 
  • Creation of alliances with profiles
  • We filter your interactions with profiles geolocalizados in your zone of action.
  • We choose hashtag suitable according to your sector. 
  • We send welcome messages to the followers of instagram





Facebook and Instagram Marketing in , Navarre

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With a marketing campaign on Facebook using our service of community manager in optimized Navarrese and suitably, can be extended the reach of your brand to attract many potential clients and to construct confidence with your community. We form your page of Facebook and we created announcements to arrive at the people who are interested in your product or service. With near billions of users, on Facebook there is a community of potential clients hoping that a company as yours one crosses in its way. It is only one question to secure the message adapted at the suitable moment.


You need to arrive at but clients in Instagram and Facebook?

How it is its presence in social networks?


One has demonstrated that the maintenance of a consistent identity name brand through channels of social average can help to increase its sales! With a pair of adjustments, and some graphical works that are realised to your page of Facebook and your profile to him of Instagram, you can impress to your the potential clients and clients who visit your page of Facebook and your profile.With the service of community manager in

Community  manager

, Navarre we will cause that your page sees more attractive and we will help you to campaign of publicity in facebook and instagram so that your publications and supplies can arrive at the people who interest to you!

Strategy of announcements 



  • on Facebook
  • Objective public:  With our service of community manager in Navarrese and we sent his message to the suitable people, we helped him to segment specific clients who have major commitment with their brand. In last instance this leads to majors rates of conversion. If you want to campaign of Facebook marketing in , LLMANOS, we helped you.
  • The Targeting premises: Why to announce at national level itself it sells his product in a city? We can help him to aim at the suitable cities so that only the people in the direction areas see their announcements of Facebook. We segment your announcements of Facebook in . On the other hand, we can ignore the specific zones or cities, therefore we made sure that the local direction perfectly is optimized so that does not spend budget of more. If your Project is at national level we chose the public who but interests to you so that he sees your announcements.


  • Remarketing: To aim at the people on Facebook who have visited previously your website and to direct to its announcements to his feeds of the news. This is excellent for the strategy SEO of your Web and can give a great impulse to its sales.
  • Interests: We focus the strategy to the destiny users on the basis of which they like to share and to speak. When choosing the suitable key words, you can direct his announcements to his main public and not waste his time in users who do not interest.
  • €œI Like more€ of Facebook: €œI Like on Facebook€ much more has power that some years back. The users trust the commentaries strongly and friendly opinions on Facebook, so to make sure that its page of business has great amount I He likes can be determining in the success or failure of his strategy of business. Our equipment through service of community manager in will help him to lead to new visitors to its page of Facebook and thus to increase to its volume of business and its sales.

Demographic: Following his business, it is possible that it wishes to go to the women in the rank of age from 25 to 34 or to men from 35 to 40. It does not matter which is their business, we are going to make that necessary the demographic adjustments so that it arrives at the users who of its demographic objective.

Beam to grow your business with Facebook Marketing

If not yet you have realized, marketing on Facebook is one of the best routes to spread to the values and knowledge of your company in addition to extending and constructing new social relations. The social users of Facebook and other networks trust which other people think on certain brands, and this is the reason by which around 50% of the FB users they are ended up buying a product based on the opinions of the others. This is an enormous tool and is for that reason it is that we are going to help you to create a showy page of Facebook that helps to construct relations you of confidence with your consumers.

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