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What is the design adapted Web to mobile or responsive design?

The design adapted Web to mobile or responsive design means to redimension and to place the elements of the Web so that they adapt to the width of each device. Either they are movable, tablets or desktop computers obtaining a correct visualization and one better experience of user.

A comfortable and but friendly navigation is characterized because layouts (contained) and images are fluids, making possible but.

Consequently, this causes that share plus our blog, social networks contents in, increasing the traffic Web and the viralidad of the same.

That is economic since predefined groups can be used making their simple maintenance but, fast and as well effective.

At the moment he is vitally important that your site has a design adapted Web to mobile or responsive design. According to the last statistics, more of 50% of the searches realised in Internet they become through movable devices.

In Navarre Marketing we created all our designs Web adapted to mobile or responsive design.

If you want to modernize your Web in , Navarre.

LLMANOS we can help you to improve your Web and to that you obtain more clients.

Why to use a design adapted Web to mobile or Responsive design

At the moment in WordPress responsive or for reason is infinity of adapted groups which makes the design simple Web but, economic and with a maintenance easy to realise.
Google gives preference to the sites that have their design adapted Web to mobiles or responsive design what results in better positions in the searches of Google and Seo Local.
To day of today more of 51% of the users of Internet they make his searches through movable devices and the local searches in their great majority become through mobiles.
design adapted Web movable or responsive design
The users are thankful to sail moving the pages with a single finger and not to have to make ZOOM LENS widely, favoring the user experience.
The adapted design to mobiles causes major interaction with the contents, thus obtaining to increase the traffic. The permanence of the users also in your Web also increases due to the reading that becomes but comfortable. As well as the interaction with the contents.

Google recommends the designers to follow the good practices of design adapted Web mobiles and positions the businesses according to the pursuit of those practices.

Design adapted Web to mobiles or responsive design in . Data that confirm their use


  • The mobile phones in Spain, already represent 87% of the total of mobile phones. First country of Europe.
  • He is probable 20% but that a person leaves your site if this does not have a design adapted Web to mobiles or responsive design.
  • 80% of the Spaniards have smartphone, whereas only a 73% have computer.
  • In Spain 41% of the population accede to the social networks from the mobile,
  • More of 98% of the young people of 10 to 14 years it counts already on smartphone with connection to Internet. 
  • In Spain, the traffic through mobiles will be increased by 7 in 5 years, which supposes a inter-annual increase of 46%.
  • Facebook is movable: 70% of the total of users of the network only accede to her through mobile. This tendency seems that it will increase until reaching 75% in 2018.
  • The users of Internet pass a 62% of their time consulting movable.
  • The people consult the mobile of average some 150 times to the day.
  • The daily average of use of the mobile in Spain is of 3 hours and 23 minutes. In the tablets it is of 1 hour and 41 minutes.
  • Navarre is the second community that more purchase by Internet in Spain.
  • In Spain, 6 of each 10 users of mobile affirm that already it has used sometimes his device to realise purchases.
  • The world has gone to the mobiles. You do not lose sales not to have optimized your website for mobiles.