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8 Errors during the optimization SEO of your Web that you must avoid

The optimization errors SEO that you must avoid

The optimization SEO is extremely important to improve the visibility of your website, to improve the traffic and to increase the rates of conversion.

All the webmaster and owners of business tendencies of digital marketing are trying hopelessly to promote you complete them.

The first thing that one can do as a salesman of the Internet is to avoid to commit errors. Considering that the €œbetter practices of optimization SEO€ are difficult to carry out due to the constant change of the algorithms of google.

Each strategy of SEO must adapt and adjust with the last techniques.

These are some of the optimization errors SEO committed by prominent experts

Error # 1: Not to optimize it the images with the rest of the content

The Optimization of images often is not part of the SEO strategy. The addition of key words objective to the images corresponding to the rest of the content helps the web search engines to understand the content of our site.

A connection to the image with the numbers and alphabets only in uneven positions does not transmit nothing else that some words.

We must incorporate descriptive keywords for each image. Including excellent alternative text, this help to the web search engines to even find images in the excellent searches and the accessibility of the site.


Error # 2: On Use of key words

Nowadays the websites contain diverse types of contents in terms of text. Key words for SEO are needed and the use of the suitable key words is important to secure the suitable hearing.

To optimize them with well-taken care of help to gain popularity in the web search engines. On the contrary to fill up key words without moderation would only end up ruining its ranking of webpages.

To write a keyword several times makes useless the content. Only the key words do not send clients to a website. In addition, the algorithms of Google will send your site to the black list while they will also give a bad classification you.

To depend on the great amounts of mediocre content can affect to the sites. Uso of specific key words with the strategic positioning and excellent content is effective.

The Creation of detailed information on a subject can can attract the attention through different channels.

Error # 3: NonConfiguration of Canonicalizaci³n in your strategy SEO

When implementing an optimization strategy SEO, one must make sure not having content duplicated in the site.

If there is identical content for the access in line using different directions URL it is necessary to identify the correct page for the visitors.

Also to implement a canonical URL to help the web search engines that is to say that are not a duplicated version.

Error # 4: Ignoring some pages and he is not indiz¡ndolas

It is not necessary to forget the indexing the pages. The Pages that have broken or missing connections are going to avoid to the web search engines.

A high number of pages with error 404 leads to an increase of the rate by ricochet consequently the deceived visitors will flee when the feeling of any information.

The web search engines track websites and when classifying errors 404 in their pages interrupt their process.

It is important not to have broken connections in his site and to maintain the active website. if you want to index your pages quickly look at this article that explains to you clearly.

Error # 5: Not to publish fresh content

After spending months to create an interactive and attractive website, it is necessary to try to maintain it dynamic, with consistent entrances of blog or some other type of content.

On the other hand the companies cannot make the optimization SEO of the site with key words and soon sit down to see the diminution of the traffic.

You cannot be allowed to realise to avoid to realise changes that will help to your potential clients with excellent information and that you could get to turn into potential clients.

It is necessary to be made of a schedule to publish your articles regularly and with the persistence the attention of the web search engines will be obtained.

The persistence and a good optimization SEO obtained that vantage points in the web search engines


Error # 6: The negligence of the social networks

The negligence of social mass media can be shelp that it is almost a crime nowadays. The social means no longer are a stratagem of optional marketing, but a necessity for the companies.

When being to the current and to be excellent in the popular social sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be improved the image of a company and the credibility.

Sharing your content it will take them to the web search engines and this will attract but potential visitors to your site.

Error # 7: The lack of internal liaisons

One could think that he is erroneous to connect your own content. Perhaps to even think that the web search engines can put to you in black list.

In spite of which it is possible to be thought, the internal liaisons to the webpage are important for the LOCAL SEO. In addition they help the web search engines to track your website.

One must concentrate in the most important pages of any site, and realise strategies to tie again to those pages. It is necessary to find a real connection between the pages to make the task of the internal liaisons.

Error # 8: The failure to measure the progress

To improve the SEO is as to lose weight. Therefore it must verify and measure its progress on a consistent base.

Furthermore a pursuit of the changes is due to know the present position soon when it begins and to realise. Measuring and taking analytical correct one it will only know that the SEO practices have been working or no.

If you do not think that there has been some progress, then he is preferable to leave. Therefore the idea is to measure, to measure and to return to measure.

source: https://www.hotjar.com/

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