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7 Advice to maintain prot©g©e your account of Facebook

7 Advice to maintain your protected and safe account of Facebook


We already know that facebook is one of the social networks where the people but time daily pass and in which furthermore we shared photos ours and of our known friendly and, but that often are used for you practice fraudulent reason why she agrees much to have our optimized good account.

Next we showed 7 advice to you to protect your privacy in Internet through your account of Facebook


1-Protect your password.

It uses a combination of different letters and numbers, you do not use your name or common words. While but difficult to guess your password better. You do not use your password of Facebook in no other place of Internet nor never share it. Also you can use tools of protection of passwords as Lastpast, keepass, to establish and to remember unique passwords for your account.

2-Close session on Facebook

When you use a computer that you share with other people you must close your session. If you forget to do it, it remembers that you can form the homes and closings of session of remote form and thus to close it from your mobile.

3- Beam Clicks safe

It deals with not making click in suspicious or strange connections, although they come from a friend or a company that you know. This advice is also applied to connections sent through Facebook (for example, in publications) or in e-mails. If some of your friendly clicks in a connection to Spam, perhaps it sends without wanting publications to you of that nature or it labels you in them.

4- Safe Apps unloadings

It alerts with applications/games and False pages It distrusts of pages that promote supplies too good to be certain. In case of doubt, it verifies if the page is verified. Well-taken care of Ten when you install new applications or games.

5- It verifies the URL of Facebook

He verifies whenever You accede to your account from https://www.facebook.com, Sometimes, the swindlers create a false page that it looks oneself like the page of home of Facebook with the hope of which you introduce your email address and your password. To see but info on the Phishing.

6- He updates periodically

He updates your navigator. The last versions of the Internet navigators have integrated measures of protection of the security.

7- Anti-virus

It updates your anti-virus, is important that you maintain updated your version of anti-virus so that thus you do not have surprises with new the virus that are appearing.

if you have doubts always consult the Help of Facebook 

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