security Web wordpress

The 5 important vulnerabilities of security but of wordpress

Table of Contents 1 €“ Poor Hosting or little fiabilidad2- Usar Software desactualizado3- Login of wordpressLas 5 more important vulnerabilities of a Web in wordpress4. Exploits of PHP5. To install software of sources confiables6- Its webpage in wordpress does not have SSLResumiendo certificate the list of verification of security of the Web in WordPress 1 [€¦]

facebook ads

The 4 better functions of the announcements to make publicity on Facebook

Table of Contents Characteristic of the publicity on Facebook that will let grow your business on Facebook exponencialmente4 characteristic of the publicity which they will let on Facebook grow the sales in your business Characteristic of the publicity which they will let grow your business exponentially   The publicity on Facebook is one of the best forms than we have for gives [€¦]

SEO marketing to twitter

Advice SEO to make marketing with twitter and improving your traffic Web

Table of Contents 10 Advice SEO to make marketing with Twitter1. Brand 2. Profile/Bio3. I connect SEO4.   #### the Hashtag6. It cooperates with your semejantes5. Mentions in Twitter6. Publication interval of Tweets7. To promote your blog8. Button of Twitter9. To obtain followers of Twitter10 free. [Determines your objective with Marketing 10 Advice SEO to make marketing€¦]

video  marketing

10 Formas to use the Videomarketing in your Business

Table of 10 Contents Formas to use marketing with videos in your empresa1) Presentaciones2) Videos of productos3) Demonstrations of products or servicio4) Email with Videos5) Signature of the mail electr³nico6) Videos promocionales7) Conversation to your cliente8) Announcements comerciales9) Values corporativos10) Webpages and landing pages (landing pages) 10 Formas to use marketing with [€¦]